International Keystone Knights of KKK Hosting “White Christian Community Event” in Rockmart, Georgia, October 1st 2016

Update 9/23/2016, 6PM: According to The Polk County Standard Journal, the Klan event has now been cancelled.

Update 9/19/2016: Permit for the KKK event in Rockmart is now available here.

On October 1st – the same day the white supremacist Hammerskin Nation will hold a major racist festival in Georgia – the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (IKKKKK) have announced a gathering at Seaborn Jones Park in downtown Rockmart, Georgia.

Rockmart is approximately an hour northwest of Atlanta by car. It is approximately 25 minutes north of Draketown GA where the “Hammerfest” gathering is expected to take place. (The Georgia Peach Oyster Bar in Draketown is also where the “Aryan Nationalist Alliance” will gather on September 17th.)

The October 1st IKKKKK gathering is promoted as a “White Christian Community Event” running from 10AM to 6PM and featuring vendors, music and food. Seaborn Jones Park is a public space operated by the City of Rockmart.

edited-keystone-knights-at-seaborne-jones-park-rockmart-ga-oct-1st-2016Flyer for the Klan event in Rockmart, GA October 1st

A promotional image for the October 1st IKKKKK gathering was circulated online by Greg “Thor” Calhoun of Cedartown, Georgia. At the time of writing, promotion does not seem to have advanced far beyond Calhoun notifying those already in his circles.

Greg Calhoun was previously involved in the Aryan Nations Knights of the KKK, where he was active alongside Shaun Winkler of Mississippi, a longstanding white power militant and one-time “Imperial Wizard” of the Aryan Nations KKK. Both Calhoun and Winkler eventually switched organization affiliation to the International Keystone Knights. (Winkler is now a member of the National Socialist Movement.)

shawn-winkler-photo-posted-to-vk-19-jun-2016-with-greg-calhoun-dl-8-27-2016Greg Calhoun (L) and Shaun Winkler (R) earlier this year.

On November 14, 2015, Greg Calhoun and his wife Jodi organized a “Defend Stone Mountain” rally at Stone Mountain Park – an event where there was an “obvious” Klan presence according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The November 14, 2015 rally organized by the Calhouns was the immediate precursor to the April 23, 2016 “Rock Stone Mountain” white power rally at the same park, an event which met with concerted anti-racist resistance.

In filings with the Georgia Corporations Division, the International Keystone Knights presently lists “Greg Cochran” as its agent for the State of Georgia – yet the address provided in these filings indicates that “Greg Cochran” is the same person as Gregory Todd Calhoun.

Regionally, October 1st is an unusually busy day for white supremacist organizers. As well as the Hammerskins-sponsored “Hammerfest” in Georgia plus the IKKKKK “White Christian Community Event” in downtown Rockmart, the annual “Stormfront Summit” will be held in East Tennessee on the same weekend, featuring speakers such as David Duke, Paul Fromm, and Atlanta white nationalist/real estate lawyer Sam Dickson.

3 thoughts on “International Keystone Knights of KKK Hosting “White Christian Community Event” in Rockmart, Georgia, October 1st 2016

  1. Contact: Rhonda R. Hudgins-Bundy
    A.R.E. ~ Amanda & Rhonda’s Events, Co-Founder
    Phone 770-712-0022
    Douglasville, Georgia
    A.R.E. ~ Amanda & Rhonda’s Events, Co-Founder

    Press Release

    A.R.E. ~ Amanda & Rhonda’s Events, nor the Partners Amanda Shaw & Rhonda R. Hudgins-Bundy, Do Not Support, nor Endorse Any International Keystone Knights Events

    RE Rockmart, GA, October 1, 2016: A DAY OF OLDE – White Christian Community Event

    It came to my attention at approximately 4 AM on the morning of September 21, 2016 that the company myself and business partner, Amanda Shaw began in 2015 was being associated with an event that goes against our personal and business beliefs. Several weeks previous a person, Heath Bearden, who is known by Miss Shaw contacted her and asked her to help host, facilitate, and promote an event, he later revealed was the International Keystone Knights’ October 1, 2016 event in Rockmart, GA. Miss Shaw told him emphatically, NO. She discussed it with me and assured me, she had made it clear that their beliefs were polar opposites of hers, and that she would not, and could not in any way be associated with, nor connected to an event that is racial in nature.
    Miss Shaw and I were shocked and appalled to receive notice, via Twitter than her name had been added to the official event application with the city of Rockmart, and as the notice included our officially registered hashtag.

    As business women who host events in other cities we are shocked that the city of Rockmart did not require verification of all parties. We live in different cities and must both physically fill out and sign all event venue applications.

    We find it appalling that Mr. Bearden, and the “Knights” would blatantly disregard Miss Shaw’s refusal to be associated with their organization. Are they so in need of public approval and support that they must use forgery to associate themselves with someone of a good reputation in the surrounding communities? Thereby causing defamation of character, of the person(s) involved against their will.

    Miss Shaw and I are Christians, and believe that ALL races are created in the image of and loved by God. We do not believe in segregation, discrimination, nor any form of prejudice based on race, ethnicity, religion, or other factors. We are willing to have a public press conference.


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